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Ultrasonic methods are an integral part of NDE and SHM and is a major research area for the center. The center has worked at the forefront of developing inspection and monitoring techniques involving bulk waves, guided wave and non-linear ultrasound. The center has expertise in a range of transduction techniques involving piezoelectrics, EMATs and laser generation. The center has exceptionally well equipped laboratories with cutting-edge equipment and capabilities.



The University of Cincinnati Centre for NDE has an exceptionally well-equipped electromagnetic NDE lab. The lab specializes in developing novel damage detection and material characterization techniques for both inspection and monitoring. The Center has expertise in eddy current, potential drop (ACPD and DCPD), microwave, ACFM, magnetic flux leakage, thermoelectric and Hall coefficient measurements.

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Structural Health Monitoring

Structural Health Monitoring is the use of permanently installed sensors to assess the integrity of a structure or system. The data from SHM systems may be integrated into ‘smart’ structural integrity diagnostics and prognostics through the Digital Twin concept. SHM research at the Cincinnati Centre for Non-Destructive Evaluation covers all aspects of SHM, from developing the fundamental design principles of SHM systems through to the structural integrity assessment.

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Imaging research at UCNDE lies at the interface between physics, applied mathematics, and engineering. The focus is on the theoretical and experimental aspects of wave mechanics for sub-surface sensing to address open challenges in non-destructive evaluation and structural health monitoring. The main goal is to advance wave-based imaging methods building on recent progress in solid state electronics, micromachining and computer power.

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